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Greg Hessel

Greg Hessel

Greg Hessel is a professional trainer, facilitator, coach and consultant who helps organizations grow, change, and manage conflict. He is a former adjunct faculty in Woodbury College's Masters in Mediation Program, a current adjunct faculty member at Marlboro College and is Principal of ReGeneration Resources. Greg helps organizations work in a more effective and harmonious manner by leading change, providing business process analysis, managing conflict, coaching and training leaders, facilitating meetings and strategic planning and improving communication in organizations throughout New England.

Greg is a graduate of Woodbury College's Conflict Management program and has a Masters in Science in Organizational Development from American University in Washington DC. He has almost 20 years of full-time experience helping organizations grow, change, and manage conflict.

Greg is a certified Gallup StrengthsFinder coach. He is also certified in the EQi 2.0, a well-known emotional intelligence inventory.

Greg combines his expertise in managing conflict with a systems view of organizations to provide high quality interventions at the individual, group and systems level of organizations. By assessing organizational dynamics through multiple lenses, Greg takes pride in customizing interventions and trainings so that each client’s individualized needs are met. One of Greg’s beliefs is that for change to take root in organizations, some aspects of organizational culture usually need to be addressed. Greg has consulted dozens of nonprofit, for profit and government organizations over the last few years. A listing of some of his clients and projects are available on this site.

Prior to starting to work for Cheshire Mediation in 1997, Greg spent time working in Bosnia, El Salvador and Nicaragua, and while in Nicaragua he was part of a team that successfully negotiated the release of a kidnapped member of the Italian clergy.

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“Thanks for an absolutely terrific training. As an attorney, I’ve come at conflict with a certain set of tools, acquired through formal training and on-the-job experience, that have had me involved in confrontational, win-lose mode of taking myself through disputes. Your training has left me with some new, simple (and at the same time sophisticated) tools for seeking win-win solutions to problems. Thank you very much!”
Geoff Yudien, Esq.