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      Organizations are complex systems that are constantly growing, changing and managing tension. Because organizations are complex systems, change in one area always results in changes in other areas. Furthermore, organizational symptoms are rarely synonymous with the core issues. Organizational culture, leadership, strategy, structure, communications, systems of rewards, role clarity and people practices are just a few of the aspects of the system that must be considered in diagnosing and intervening in systems.
We have training and expertise in all of these areas.

      We work with organizations at the interpersonal, group and systems level to correctly diagnose and design intervention to help organizations operate more effectively and harmoniously. Our clients include organizations from the public, corporate, and non-profit sectors and our data driven, client centered, collaborative approach to consulting helps insure our effectiveness. While much of our work is centered on organizational conflict, we also have substantial expertise in strategic planning, training, and change management.
If any of the following statements is true of your organization, we can help.

  • Conflict is keeping the organization from operating
    at optimal levels of effectiveness
  • Your organization’s culture does not meet the needs
    of your current business reality
  • You don’t have an updated strategic plan
  • You are not sure who is really responsible for what
  • Communications doesn’t seem to flow well through the organization
  • Your board doesn’t seem to ever get things done
    -- or it is micro managing the organization
  • You are trying to implement a change initiative
    and “people just don’t want to change”
  • Key people in your organization cannot get along
  • Your employees have the hardest time with the soft skills and need training in communication, conflict resolution, leadership development, feedback, team building, or group facilitation
  • You need someone to help design and facilitate a staff retreat
  • There is ongoing tension between two teams in your organization, and you are laying awake at night worrying
    about it


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“This session was just what the doctor ordered! We covered relevant material that will enhance our staff meetings in the coming year. I appreciated Greg’s acceptance of all comments made by attendees and his ability to deal with moments of tension within the group that might otherwise have derailed all our good efforts. Thanks.”
Peg Downing, Program Director, NH AmeriCorps