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Published: Saturday, April 18, 2009

      Strategic Planning: ReGeneration Resources leads organizations through processes that clarify their goals and how they can best achieve them. Given the rapidly changing environment that many organizations currently face, we help organizations strategically position themselves for success. Because strategic plans are frequently not implemented, we also work with each client from the first meeting to develop a plan that will be implemented and have a positive impact on the organization.

      Conflict Management: Conflicts are caused by people and systems. Our conflict management work uses a wide variety of tools and processes to assess and address the root causes of conflicts. The issues that we work with include role clarification, organizational culture, systems of rewards and accountability, formal structural, required skills and training, communication patterns, leadership, and supervision. Additionally, we are skilled at mediating inter-personal disputes.

      Training: ReGeneration Resource’s interactive trainings are delivered by practitioners who combine theory with real life applications. Our training designs utilize popular education methods that allow participants to reflect on their own experiences, integrate what they learn, and stay engaged in their own learning.

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We offer trainings in the following topics:

  • Leadership
  • The Art of Facilitation
  • Team Building
  • Systems Thinking
  • Motivation
  • Coaching for Success
  • Communications
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Culture Change
  • Negotiation and Mediation
  • Effective Feedback
  • Managing Generational Differences

      Change Management: Change Management: In today’s workforce, organizations need to constantly change and adapt to the changing world. Implementing change is often difficult, however, as employees resist change efforts, prevailing culture is challenged, and unintended consequences appear. As a result, 60-70 percent of change projects do not realize their intended results. ReGeneration Resources works with organizations to: customize a change strategy based on risk assessments; manage communication, resistance, training and coaching needs; engage stakeholders; and to minimize the resistance that often accompanies change. In doing this we increase the ROI of change projects and and solve implementation challenges related to culture, resistance, and a lack of organizational alignment.

      Team Building: ReGeneration Resources knows that for an organization to succeed it must have strong leadership, active communication, open collaboration, and effective teamwork with outstanding process skills that can nurture and integrate each individual’s expertise and strengths. We facilitate the development of high-performance teams by identifying specific needs, building new skills, and integrating new insights back into the workplace.

      Assessments: Sometimes it is helpful to have a neutral set of eyes take a look at an organization and assess what is happening and how to make it better.  We use qualitative and quantitative best practices to assess organizational dynamics and make recommendations for how to improve performance. 

      Coaching: Like great athletes, great leaders can benefit from coaching.  As a certified Gallup Strength Coach, we use a strength-based model to support organizational leaders and improve performance. 

      Succession Planning: Management and ownership transitions are critical junctures in an organization’s life with huge financial impacts. Businesses without succession plans are needlessly putting themselves at risk of failure. ReGeneration Resources works with organizations of all sizes to develop and build consensus for ownership and management succession plans. In doing this work, we consider the impact on ownership, management, and (in family-owned businesses) the family. This systems approach, and our consensus-building experience, allows us to create plans that help businesses successfully navigate critical transitions.

      Board Development: Boards come together to help organizations succeed, but sometimes become a barrier to organizational success. Effective boards are deeply committed to the organization's mission, bring expertise in key areas, represent diverse points of view, and evolve over time and through careful planning. ReGeneration Resources supports boards through assessments, conflict management, role clarification, facilitation, strategic planning, and coaching of board members.

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“Our experience with Greg could not be more positive. Greg is a friendly, open-minded, smart man. He understands the nuances of organizational dynamics. He is intuitive and his perceptions can be trusted. He is quickly available to Senior Management to answer questions or plan. He provides thorough and timely written reports and feedback when indicated or requested. He understands the difficulties in implementing change on a grand scale in an organization, and he is able to be flexible in developing a successful roll out of change. Greg has been a real pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him without reservations to any organization seeking support in change management or team building. If you would like to talk more about Greg’s skills and the work he has done with us please feel free to contact me."
Gregory A. Miller, MD
VP Medical Affairs
The Brattleboro Retreat and Retreat Healthcare

"Thank you so much for facilitating our staff meeting. It seems as though you have gotten us over a hump so that at least we are now moving forward and are no longer stuck. I appreciate the thoroughness with which you approached our situation. I'm sure we will use you again next school year!"
Steve Crofter, Academy School