ReGeneration Resources


Survey Research to Support a Change Initiative at a Psychiatric Hospital

Case overview

A New England psychiatric hospital called Regeneration Resources to assist it with a full-system change aimed at drastically reducing the use of seclusion and restraint to manage patients.

Key Challenges
• Staff at the hospital had been using seclusion and restraint for their whole careers. For many staff this had been over 30 years. They believed that the change implied the way they had always handled these situations was wrong.
• Staff historically felt dis-empowered at the hospital. 

Regeneration Resources approach and the outcome

In this project Regeneration Resources helped the leadership address cultural issues, conducted assessments using both qualitative and quantitative measures, led a team building retreat, served as a process consultant, and helped the change task force address strategic questions. Using a quantitative survey that included checks for reliability and validity we learned that staffs’ beliefs about the inherent safety risk in the change predicted commitment to the change three times better than did their understanding of the change vision. This led to a shift in the change strategy which had been focused on selling the change vision. 

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