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"The terrific feedback about your work with the board keeps coming. Several people said that the ability to have a healthy and productive conversation about the emeritus issue was huge – they didn’t think it would be possible – and they feel a huge weight is being lifted. Truly awesome!"
Michelle Knapik, Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation

"Greg is VERY good!"
- (Community Action Partnership of Strafford County board member)

"I was surprised that we were able to get that much done in the amount of time that we had. This was the best strategic planning session for a nonprofit that I've been a part of!"
- (Community Action Partnership of Strafford County board member)

“Working with Greg Hessel on our Strategic Plan exceeded our expectations. He worked smoothly and effectively. He responded quickly to all concerns and questions. Mr. Hessel brought impressive expertise coupled with a sense of humor. He led two large group meetings maintaining enthusiasm while eliciting valuable feedback about our organization. The committee members (board and staff) found the experience enlightening and valuable. I highly recommend him.”
Barbara Ternes, Director
Parks Place Community Resource Center
Bellows Falls VT

“Greg provided excellent leadership for our strategic planning process during a very challenging time in our agency’s history. I particularly appreciated his calm expertise and his lively and effective direction throughout the course of his involvement with us. His ability to hear and respect all the voices at the table while keeping us on an even keel was an especially welcome quality. I recommend him highly!”
Susan Bell, Executive Director
AIDS Project of Southern Vermont

"Several of our Board members have already told me what a fine and constructive retreat they thought we had last week, and I really want to thank you on behalf of the entire organization.  You did an excellent job, and we appreciate it.
Laura Keith King"
Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce

"Thanks again, and outstanding work (on the Irene Innovation Report). We are getting tons of great feedback. It's pretty exciting."
Scott Rogers
Director of Operations
Vermont Agency of Transportation

"Just a short note to say thank you for a great conference. As I said in the beginning, I teach a lot of this stuff but you definitely enlightened me and made me look at my own part in ‘difficult interactions.’ It is so easy to blame problems on the other person, especially if they seem to have issues with a lot of people. You are a gifted teacher."
Norine Elliott

"I don’t think I have read (in my 4 years at the Endowment for Health) such a comprehensive report of progress! Greg Hessel’s report is incredibly detailed documenting the process used, stakeholders engaged, and specific problems identified. I think this document will be very useful to the team as you enter the next phase of this work and identify solutions. I applaud your efforts to “peel back the onion” and to try and find local solutions to the financial, collaborative, organizational and policy level challenges you have identified. Because this is such an exemplary report I wondered if you might be willing to allow me to share it with (others)." 
Kim Firth
Endowment for Health (New Hampshire)

“Recently, I contacted Mr. Hessel about an extremely complex and difficult situation. This situation involved both systemic and interpersonal issues, and two of the parties had reached an extremely emotional and adversarial impasse. Nevertheless, Mr. Hessel was able to successfully resolve the interpersonal conflict as well as make recommendations for overall systemic reform. Both of the parties have indicated that they were extremely impressed with Mr. Hessel’s skills and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone experiencing similar interpersonal conflict.

Since the mediation sessions, the two parties have interacted positively and professionally. The district is also working on the systemic changes that Mr. Hessel recommended. In brief, we have experienced very positive outcomes from the mediation services.”
Edward J. McCaul, Ed.D.
Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Gardner Public Schools, Gardner, MA

“Our experience with Greg could not be more positive. Greg is a friendly, open-minded, smart man. He understands the nuances of organizational dynamics. He is intuitive and his perceptions can be trusted. He is quickly available to Senior Management to answer questions or plan. He provides thorough and timely written reports and feedback when indicated or requested. He understands the difficulties in implementing change on a grand scale in an organization, and he is able to be flexible in developing a successful roll out of change. Greg has been a real pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him without reservations to any organization seeking support in change management or team building. If you would like to talk more about Greg’s skills and the work he has done with us please feel free to contact me.
Gregory A. Miller, MD
VP Medical Affairs
The Brattleboro Retreat and Retreat Healthcare

“Greg Hessel facilitated a series of organizational design meetings with a mixed group of artists and administrative staff in a rapidly growing and changing community arts education organization. Greg’s work with the Director and the group was challenged by mixed levels of apprehension about the current state of the organization and its impact of change on their voice in the organization. Greg very effectively gave the process enough flexibility to encourage open and honest communication and enough controls to get the work done within seven meetings. Greg is an outstanding facilitator who quickly understands and gets the participants to address the organizational and group dynamics for the purposes of achieving the intended goals. His work with our group was successful in achieving the primary goal of building an organization design for the future and in achieving the secondary goal of improving understanding and appreciation for individuals in the organization.”
Carol Batchelder
Executive Director
MoCo Arts, Keene, NH

“I have had several opportunities to work with Greg Hessel as a consultant and always appreciated the clarity he brought. I know first hand that family business endeavors are complex, and the kind of listening, restating, and guiding of the conversation that Greg does so well, is immeasurably helpful in untangling some of the inherent confusions that can arise for families working together.”
Katie Schwerin, W. S. Badger Balm Company

"I have attended trainings throughout my 34 year career as an educator. I found this to be one of the best!"
Thea Warman, Jonathan Daniels School

"I liked the constant motion-the days went by so quickly, that I know I was engaged and interested with the information."
Debbie McGahie, PC Connection

“This was excellent. It was a lot to cover in a short time, but I found it very helpful—even after 25 years of similar workshops. Well worth the time.”
Frank Foley, United Way of Burlington

“…just wanted to write to you to let you know how much I enjoyed the Conflict Resolution Training yesterday. You really did a wonderful job and I could really see that you are an expert in your field. You really got me thinking about the ways I approach (or avoid!) conflicts and you gave me the tools to do a better job. Thanks!
Rebecca Roy

“This was an excellent training to prepare you to investigate your own relationship to conflict and how better to resolve conflicts in your personal and professional life. The presentation was well structured and well timed and you treated all participants with respect. Thank you for the valuable information.
Lauren Axelrod, VT Americorps

“Thanks for an absolutely terrific training. As an attorney, I’ve come at conflict with a certain set of tools, acquired through formal training and on-the-job experience, that have had me involved in confrontational, win-lose mode of taking myself through disputes. Your training has left me with some new, simple (and at the same time sophisticated) tools for seeking win-win solutions to problems. Thank you very much!”
Geoff Yudien, Esq.

“Just wanted to tell you that that was the best training I have been to in the entire 26 years I have worked here.”
Deanna Rounds, State of New Hampshire Employee

“This session was just what the doctor ordered! We covered relevant material that will enhance our staff meetings in the coming year. I appreciated Greg’s acceptance of all comments made by attendees and his ability to deal with moments of tension within the group that might otherwise have derailed all our good efforts. Thanks.”
Peg Downing, Program Director, NH AmeriCorps

"Thank you so much for facilitating our staff meeting. It seems as though you have gotten us over a hump so that at least we are now moving forward and are no longer stuck. I appreciate the thoroughness with which you approached our situation. I'm sure we will use you again next school year!"
Steve Crofter, Academy School

"Facilitator was able to maneuver through many conversations and topics with relative ease. Great use of time. Great command of, and understanding of people at the table."
Tim Dupre, Director of Volunteer NH



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"Greg provided excellent leadership for our strategic planning process during a very challenging time in our agency's history. I particularly appreciated his calm expertise and his lively and effective direction throughout the course of his involvement with us. His ability to hear and respect all the voices at the table while keeping us on an even keel was an especially welcome quality. I recommend him highly!"
- Susan Bell
Executive Director
AIDS Project of Southern Vermont